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BAD Commercial!!!

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I was watching TV about this Greased Lightening product and there was this guy trying to crank over his car, and the interior looked EXTREMELY familiar, well it wouldn´t crank so he got out and he was using those shock things that doctors use to restart your heart on the engine, and it did a side view of the car and it was a freakin 2nd gen Escort! Why do people think just because it´s a Ford it dies a lot???
Then he gave up on it and covered it with a car cover thing and leaned on it crying.
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dude now thats some sick sh** Why do people put are cars down? My buddy who is a mech, just saw my car for the first time the other night *strut replacement* and said he could rework my car to take a b18c *teg motor* I told him no thanks,but thats not the kicker, I lost my tranny too. No escort right now. Its said and all I just hope it dont get towed, Anybody in indianapolis that can help me get my car home tonight Like for free??? Tranny;s cost alot.. thanks
I´m only two hours from ya, but I can´t drive all the way down there, I already put 100 miles on my car since I filled up yesterday afternoon...I need to stop being so damn bored all the time.
That sucks its going to get towed to who knows where and I wont never get it back... Oh I am so stressed.... Errr
hahaha lol

that´s probably cause the escort is the cheapest worst car on the market


well, you guys would have to admit, it´s no ferrari, but the reason why they chose the escort may be from one of two things:

1.It was the single best selling compact economy car in the 90´s (or something like that)
2.Most people never take care of their scorts cause they´re so freakin cheap they´re like little matchbox cars that nobody cares about.

What I said doesn´t make me like the escort any less, because I love it. A light, nimble car that´s easy to work on and hella fun to drive- something you don´t have to worry about keeping in pristine condition. I think it´s great. But eventualy I think I could go for a turbo A4 or a turbo RX-7 or maybe a porsche 944.

kinda sucks how everyone takes a crap on the s-cort.

and sorry I can´t help, sportscort93... I´m in NY and that´s a way to drive. You don´t have any friends?! lol

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There was some commercial with Yoshi on it from Super Mario Bros. where an escort wagon ended up getting crushed. I dont remember the exact details of it though.
Hey Sport --- Tell your friend you would rather have the Mazda BPD8. Then you might not have VTEC but you´ll have forged internals, and a better balanced motor.

Screw the VTEC, look at me.....BOOOOOOOOOSSST. OH Yeah!
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Anybody see HEAT with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro?? You can tell Ford was a sponsor. I counted at least 6 2nd gen Escorts (pony and LX) get either shot up or bombed, 1 caymen-green colored GT (I assume it was a true Caymen
) get shot pretty badly, and a bunch of Probes get caught in the cross fire during the bank heist scene.

Also remember The Rock with Connery and Cage. EGT gets smashed up.
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My "Eric" was born in ´92 and has only let me down once, the exhaust fell off whilst zooming up a VERY steep hill. He starts (a bit sluggish when damp or cold) every time. He wasn´t THAT cheap (the second most expensive purchase I´ve every made) and I look after him extremely well. The only mods I´ve ever done are touch-ups on tiny rust patches and a good polish now and then. I would love to clean the engine properly but would probably drown something important!!

In the UK, the only place Scorts are sneered at is the county of Essex, where apparently they are considered downmarket, as are "Essex Girls" who are rumoured to wear white stilletoes, ankle socks and smoke **** (cigarettes to N. Americans) whilst pushing their babies in prams. The "Essex Guys" wear large gold neckchains, white socks, own Rottweiler dogs with studded leather collars and, sadly, are supposed to favour Scorts.

However, I´m sure this was just a nasty rumour going back to the glory days when Dagenham in Essex housed the largest Ford factory in England - sadly they only assemble engines there now.

So please no more cheap remarks about Scorts, particularly red ones!!


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hey zemax I wa sjust gonan post about that one. Yeah in the last bank heist where they all get shot up I think almost everycar in the street was a ford of some type. That was an awsome movie by the way. You guys are all right. everyone [email protected]#ts on our cars cause they are fords. I hate that. But i keep tellin em around here one day I´ll show em. Than they´ll all be sorry muah ha ha ha ha
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no more cheap remarks about scorts? second most purchase you´ve ever made? How much were 2nd gen GTs brand new? like 15,000 with options? They couldn´t have been more than 20 grand. Even in the UK they couldn´t have been that expensive, they´re supposed to be "cheap economy cars" Thats why there´s millions of them out there.

And my 92 has stuck me out only once too, but it´s let me down at least 4 times. the clutch blew (not really it´s fault), the timing belt went, the oil rings failed, it started bouncing because of lost vacuum...numerous things that have pissed me off and I cursed and cursed at this car but every time I drag a Cavalier or Neon off a light and show him my taillights, I´m happy. I keep coming back to this car with a smile on my face, so don´t tell me I can´t make cheap remarks about my car
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!!!!! Yoshi´s Island For Gameboy Advanced Commercial.. I had no clue that was an escort he bombed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah thats sooooooo funny... but really they had to pick a car.. maybe its all just a big coincidence
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well, the reason why we see so many fords (not only the escorts) being smashed up in movies is because fords are cheaper compared to the rest of the cars available. so it doesnt necessarily mean that fords are bottom of the barrel cars. but, according to hollywood, fords are more expendible.
how about this: they go to my town, and round up those old school cavaliers to smash up. those things run like water here, they´re so common, im surprised i dont have one of my own!
James92Scort - of course you may make cheap remarks about your Scort if you wish, I wouldn´t want to offend mine, my luck might run out. Eric was more expensive than my horse but a fair bit less than my house - you see what I mean?

As for not being much more expensive in the UK, have you never heard the expression "Rip-off Britain" ´cause that is exactly what we are. It´s cheaper to go through the blasted Euro-tunnel and buy a car on the continent and drive it back, than to go to a car assembly plant or anywhere else in England to buy one!

Another point: buying the car is the cheapest part of driving here, we now have to pay to enter London and several other larger towns (others will be imposing so called congestion charges eventually) in addition to paying usual car-parking charges. Fuel charges are huge because of the tax on it and bus and taxi lanes fill the (still too narrow) roads.

Our beloved Government would like us all to leave our cars at home and travel by public transport - this will only work if you live and work anywhere near such transport and if it actually exists at all.

I expect private cars will be banned altogether one day and every Englishman/woman will be joining the Bicycle Owners´ Association and posting ranting messages about punctures and potholes!

Enjoy, it could happen to you!
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the best was after my car broke and i was looking for a lease possibility on an RSX. we went to the Acura dealership and talked to a guy about leases, and he was telling us about how its good to lease Acuras and Hondas because they hold their value, but its not good to lease something like a FORD ESCORT because they wont be worth much in 5 years. what an asshole. little did he know, i was trying to replace my Escort, which did my family service for 12 years, and we drove there in my sister´s 98 Escort LX. well i went and bought a 98 Mustang LX. i dont really like it but it beat buying a car from him.
well, you see. that´s the thing, escorts arent worth much, but are reliable. most of the comments that people would fill out all over the internet about the escorts that they have purchased or owned said at first they thought was going to be a clunker, but was surprised completely about every aspect of the car. they thought it wouldnt last, they wound up keeping it for years. they thought it wouldnt be powerful, they´ve won races. but hey, all we can do is laugh at those when we are watching everyone around us worry about what car their going to spend their money on next, and all we have to worry about is what accessory we´re going to spend our money on for our long-lasting scorts.
Well, that means there are more Scorts out there for all of us. If they don´t want them..then by God we will take them.
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I saw a second gen scort in an insurance comercial recently. You can only catch a glimpse of it though. It was probably hit by some punk in a honda trying to show off to his retarted friends. Anyway, I hate people that put down our cars; especially when my sister does it. When she does say something though, I just keep reminding her that my car has been hauling her a** around for the last two 3 years and then she shuts up. I must admit that my old scort really was a piece of crap, but I still have it an it WILL be on the road agian someday. Of course my new scort has almost 180,000 miles on it and still runs great. The only time its let me down in the seven months that I´ve had it is when the alternator belt went and the battery died as a result. A new belt for twenty bucks and the labor to put it on, and I was back on the road the next day. As Blade once put it these engines really are Bullet Proof.
Ahhh I dont take it personally its an inexpensive everyday driver. But I look at it this way...everyone sees ´em, everybody considers them bottom of the bucket when it comes to performance..(mostly because the only time they´ve been in one is for a carpool or something were they have 5 people in a wagon and struggling to make the hills with the automatic.)

So here I come flying down the road and instantly people think I´m filling out a "honda" reputation with rims, and exhaust. Then there they are in their V8 F250 flooring it and hearing nothing but "PaCHEEEeesss!"

I guess they see me taking the turn off the hwy and into town thinking "What in the world just happened?"

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Yeah, that´s the way to show em Blade!
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