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One thing in the article I do agree with is that today´s race cars are so much safer. I just hope that in order to ´make the racing more interesting´ the powers-that-be do not sacrifice this new-found safety. I do remember that awful day which, for me, was just another of many fatalities I have witnessed over the years. Watching drivers burn was sadly not an uncommon event!

I am a fan of CART and was horrified by the death of Greg Moore and the dreadful accident to Zinardi, even though the vast majority of high-speed crashes caused only minor bruising!! Although I know accidents will aways happen, I just hope that safety issues will be paramount. My father used to have a Brabham that he raced in F3 with a Canadian driver, Jack Smith. Jack, the father of two very young daughters, was killed outright at Snetterton when the car spun backwards into a barrier breaking his neck - this could never happen today because of the mandatory use of braces.
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