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autoXing in NY?

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Anybody know of any good places to autocross in NY? I may be getting a 91 EGT *very* soon
, and I´d like to sign up to learn how to autocross this spring/summer sometime. I´m in upstate NY, about an hour north of watertown, and about 2 hours north of syracuse.

I would have done it earlier, but I´ve only had an embarassing 95LX wagon that was "given" to me and now I´ll have my very own EGT!

I mainly want to do autocrossing cause I´m sick of not being able to drive wicked fast on public roads, and I also want to improve my driving skill and I think that this would be the perfect opportunity. thanks guys.
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Beaverboy - Don´t forget to keep us posted how you get on - have never and will never do the like!! Good luck.
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