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autoXing in NY?

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Anybody know of any good places to autocross in NY? I may be getting a 91 EGT *very* soon
, and I´d like to sign up to learn how to autocross this spring/summer sometime. I´m in upstate NY, about an hour north of watertown, and about 2 hours north of syracuse.

I would have done it earlier, but I´ve only had an embarassing 95LX wagon that was "given" to me and now I´ll have my very own EGT!

I mainly want to do autocrossing cause I´m sick of not being able to drive wicked fast on public roads, and I also want to improve my driving skill and I think that this would be the perfect opportunity. thanks guys.
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okay, I checked out their website, and I´m not sure exactly when and where the events are held. I don´t know exactly what to do.

Do I just kinda show up to where they say? Do I pre-register?

I haven´t taken any classes, so I don´t want to run the course and kill everybody and make a fool of myself, so do they have like little classes for the n00bs so I can kinda get to formally know how to "race" a car? Don´t get me wrong, I´m not a super duper driver, I´m just like any other joe-schmoe out there, but this is my oppotunity to better myself. I guess that´s untimately what I´m trying to do here.

Do they generally have a non-competition class there for the n00bs? I just kinda want to run the course, but more than anything for my first time out there, I want to learn HOW to run the course.

How much will it cost me? Do I basically pay to be in a club, so I´m assumed to show up for every "meet"? Or do I pay on a "per-meet" basis? Are the instructional sessions extra?

I really have no idea how to take turns at high speed. all I´ve been taught is "high in low out" to take the sharpness out of the curve, but I also don´t know when to put on the brakes, etc. I have a feeling that I´ll really make a fool of myself. I dunno, I´m kinda hoping that there will be people there that are in the same boat as me.

I can´t seem to find a "Jim Garry" anywhere...
well I´m good at shifting smoothly and I can double clutch from 5 to 3 better than anyone I know (even though to my stupidity I´m probably terrible at it) but I think the main thing I will struggle with is taking the corners right. I´ve never really had an opportunity to put the escort past its limit to the point where I throw myself into a skid. I know in theory what do to, but I have never really taken a hairpin at 70mph. It´s not that I don´t have the balls, I just don´t want to throw my car off the road and kill people.

Do they expect people to come into the sport with that kind of experience? Or do they expect normal middle-aged and college students to just kinda stop in and learn the sport?

I don´t want to get caught up in some uber-eL33T competition that I can´t handle. I guess that´s what I´m really "afraid" of.

thanks for the help guys.
yeah my 1.9L sefi can really pull some torque in the low end.... just run a nice high second and it´s really not that bad!
why do you think it should be illegal? I think it would be cool if by doing autocrossing I would get lower insurance because it would improve my driving. Maybe I´m making it harder than it really is. I just have a feelng that I will take turns too fast and kill people, or just maybe turtle along. I think that putting along is probably better, since I´ve never done something like that before.

Anyway, how many runs does 25 bucks get me? Is it like a one-run thing? I´m kinda wondering, because I´m not really in it for the competition (although with more practice I will become competitive) but I just want to learn how to become a better driver, rather than some teenager with a fast car. I´m sure you understand.

I´d rather get more track time and advice rather than trophies.

19-01-2003 at 12:59, Diane wrote:
In the summer the days are longer, but then again more people usually show, so it´s a wash.

Road racing is more addicting, trust me. :cool:


What do you mean, "wash"?
And what is road racing? I´m not an idiot, but with so many names like street racing, road racing, solo I, solo II, a person can get confused! :D

And where is algonquin lake?
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