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I had heard this album pretty much the week it came out, but I didnt pay it much attention.

Although I am a HUGE fan of both RATM and Soundgarden, I disregarded it for some unknown reason. Then this guy I play in a band with suggested we do a song of theres. So he lent me the CD to listen to about 3 months ago.

Ever since then, I have completely hooked on that Album, It NEVER leaves my side. The combination of the amazing screaming styles of Chris Cornell coupled with the funky, yet destructive sound of the remaining members of RATM, is blissful, if I dare say so.

I would even go out on a limb and say that it might be the best rock album I have heard in years.

What does everyone think?

oh, btw, the songs my band covered from that cd are "Cochise, Show me how to live, and What you are:"

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