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Audio trouble

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yesterday I installed a jvc head unit and jvc speakers in my zx2. today I am trying to connect my amp and subwoofers. I’ve wired everything up where it should be but for some reason my amp won’t turn on. I assume it’s the remote turn on wire because everything else is where it’s supposed to be. I used a posi connector to connect the REM to the blue and white stripe remote wire. I have the blue atenna wire, blue and white remote wire, and blue REM cable all in a posi connector any ideas why it won’t work maybe I have to hook it up to factory car amp
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Do you have a voltmeter or a test light? I would check the wire that you used to signal the amp to come on. It may not be the right one. Had something similar happen to someone I knew a couple of years back. He changed to a different wire and it powered on.
I did not have one but i just went on a ledge and bought another REM wire and it worked. The wire was a bit old it was from my last car.
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