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ATTN ERDT people

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I need some help guys. I sold some computer stuff to a guy on the board who goes by sgt raukstauff his name is jorden. since the board has been dead I havent been able to get in contact with him. I havent got my half of the deal yet, and I wanted to get ahold of him soon cause I was curious what the deal was. I never got his email so I have no way of getting in contact with him. So if anyone has a way to get ahold of him, or knows hi, please let me know.


also, does anyone know whats wrong with ERDT?
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I've been to both ERDT and FEOA, and I must say, I've enjoyed this board FARRRRRRRRRR more than ERDT.

Good job!
MISNO said:
I've been to both ERDT and FEOA, and I must say, I've enjoyed this board FARRRRRRRRRR more than ERDT.
Good job!
:lol: Naturally you have: This board is for people with intelligence, good taste, a terrific sense of humour and amazing cars - what more could you possibly want? :lol:
I love feoa. remember I sat up email for us :) http://feoa.zzn.com and I make gif banners for members.. :) I am a Feoa Nut plus I started a real car club Called IEOA Hum... Indiana escort owners association. :)
It's not really the forum I was trying to advertise. It's the site, I'm trying to get people interested in the site because I am going to be selling parts via the website for our escorts but if anyone wants to be rude thats fine with me. :?
what parts are you going to try and sell for the scorts and for which models and years?
All models/years and eventually I'm hoping going to get a wholesale setup with andysautosport.com that handles 3rd gen bodykits. I will also be seeing if a local company will do a porting service for maybe cheaper than EFP does. That's why I've been trying to advertise but eeryone at all the forums get offended because I have a forum at my site. *sighs*
patience, my friend....all things in good time.
cool cool. the only thing that i would see were peep say something, is when you have a low post count and you post about your board. because it then seems like you are just on here to advertise your board. even though you are not, it comes off that way. hehe i had to learn the hard way on a couple different boards before. i was planning on being active on the board but as soon as i advertised my site, i was banned like that. don't worry. in due time you'll have peep at your site and on your board.
Yeah, I've been an ERDT board person for a while now. I knew about FEOA but never posted on here just browsed the posts.
heh cool. well post whenever ya want .... talk with the peep here. but for sure you gotta let us know when and what you're selling. it's always good to see another person trying to get escort parts for us.
As for parts, currently working on getting some computer chips hopefully much cheaper than anyone else and reprogrammable as well if needed. My site is going to be biased towars the performance aspect of Escorts since the market for body kits is much more slower and there is like nothing available anyways. I can't make thing available when there is nthing. :lol: Oh, the ERDT forum was up at erdt.teamzx2.com and I think it's down again. 8O
man GS you been relaxin away from forums lately or something? your expertise has been greatly missed. :p
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