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ATTN ERDT people

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I need some help guys. I sold some computer stuff to a guy on the board who goes by sgt raukstauff his name is jorden. since the board has been dead I havent been able to get in contact with him. I havent got my half of the deal yet, and I wanted to get ahold of him soon cause I was curious what the deal was. I never got his email so I have no way of getting in contact with him. So if anyone has a way to get ahold of him, or knows hi, please let me know.


also, does anyone know whats wrong with ERDT?
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he didnt publish his email on that board either he wouldnt check his messages on an archive board, I wouldnt think
anyone else know this guy?

also is ERDT gone for good? that would make me sad

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well it was a money order and Im pretty sure hes a good guy, but I just cant get ahold of him to find out!!!
thats good to hear, but im still having this dilema!!! still no money order

is there a way to cancel one if its lost in the mail? how does that work?

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