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Attn Donnie or Matt, car showcase?!?

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Hey guys it looks to me like someone deleted the main part of the car showcase with all the pics in it. Or maybe it just disappeared? Anyway just wondering what´s up with that.
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I tried to upload 3 pics lastnight of my car but kept getting ´Could not create thumbnail image´ and ´aah.jpg error´ so I look on there FAQ page and didn´t find any answer´s so I gave up. I assume it was having problems then just went down?
Well there used to be a whole other album of people´s car pics. Now all I can see is the "gatherings" section. However, if I search for my name I can find my album. Kinda weird.
yeah i have no clue what happened. it was working fine then all of the sudden its not working anymore. i have no clue whats going on. i am in the middle of trying to fix it.
WOW! 25psi !! how in the world did you get the motor to hold that ?!?!?!

btw...SWEET LOOKING scort man. That´s some nice work!
Hey if you click on my scorts pic it still links to the album....just lists it as "unknown"...but all my stats for hits are there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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