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Attention Transmission Guru´s

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My tranny went "monkey nuts" on me in early November. Its a 1.8 GT automatic. The first problem was not going into reverse. It wouldn´t even go into nuetral. I could drive in all gears. When it was in Park it was in gear cause if i tried to rev the engine it would stay at about 1.5 to 2 rpm´s and you could feel the pull. I rocked on like that for a while, but one day i ran the hell out of it and when i got home all was well. Reverse, neutral and all okay. About a week later the same crap happened but my gears started slipping, so i had to manually shift all the gears.After a month or so of that crap, all was well one morning and nothing was wrong anymore.

Right before i started pulling the tranny out it would only grab first gear, and D and OD wouldn´t. What the hell is wrong with this thing? :-(

I´ve had several people tell me the problem is due to a cruddy transmission filter. (im gonna call bullshit on that one!!) Is there a chance that this is my problem?? I´d like to get it running at least for the time being, and since I´m pulling the tranny out already i figured I´d give it a try. What do you guyz think?? :-o
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Monkeynuts? Isn´t it monkeyweird when you take random monkeywords and put "monkey" before them? :-]

sry i don´t know too much about auto trannies...just remove that monkeytranny and put in a 5spd! ;-)
Well, thats why i want that "monkeymatic" to start working. If it runs then i can sell my crappy work truck and buy the 5-speed i found for $550. Thanks anyways. :-] :-] :-]
Anyone else, have any input? :-] :-]
sounds like its not the transmission itself, but the transmission controller. Sometimes called TCU´s....i would imagine that ur ECU is the same as my 5spd gt so....see if the car has a TCU and figure out the diagnostics on it....

550 for a manual tranny? u could go to a junkyard and get one for 300 easy... I got mine for 90 bucks w/ 30,000 miles on it...I had to pull it myself...but hey, for 90 bucks, it was worth the 2 hours to get it out.
oh yeh, btw, swapping from an auto tranny to a manual...well that could be difficult....there´s a hydraulic clutch on the gt 5spd....the hydraulic lines run off the master cylinder so u might have to swap one of those as well....also, if ur car doesnt have a TCU and its all in the ECU, u´d have to get another 5spd ECU to match it.
Finally!!!!! Strike the power ballad, 92gt5spd to the rescue!!!!

*cue phatkid95, running in slow motion, through green pasture towards 95egt*
:-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-]

That´s the best news i´ve heard all day long. ;-) $90 bones for a tranny that green is unreal! I got to do some more lookin. The tranny i found has 70,000 miles, $550, and not to mention the week it would take to get it in. I HATE WEST TEXAS!!! I´d hook a tow strap onto my own big ass and pull the whole car for $90. No matter where it was.

I really appreciate the help bro. Feel free to contribute any brain farts you may have. :p :p :p :p :p :p
no, it was a parts yard that had cars lifted up welded on old rims...and its u pull u pay...they break down the categories as cars and trucks.....transmissions on any car are all the same price...ectera with all the parts...turbo´s are 75 bucks, but the best turbo i´ve found was off of a lebaron...i didnt buy it....its a great place, its all gravel, but they keep high maintenance to the place, u dont have to worry about stepping in all sorts of shit or anything...Its like the super market of junkyards, i love the place.
i got to find a place like that. i´d be like a kid in a candy store. im more than sure theres somewhere i can find all that stuff, theres just a lot of ground to cover down here. :-D

a turbo off a lebaron huh?? would that work?? im pimpin a 95 GT 1.8DOHC/16V automatic(hopefully not for long). what kind of cars should i be looking at for a turbo?? i think i read a post about someone using one out of a probe. i may be wrong though. do you know what i should be looking for in a turbo?

i´m gonna have to recruit some escort drivers from the lone star state yo!! I catch all these posts and its like everyone is from canada or indiana. besides myself, i havent seen someone post out of texas. i´d kick ass to have a few extra sets of eyes and ears locally. hell yeah!!!
How many miles do you have on it?

Is is slipping at all or just not going into gear?

If I understand you correctly, you can move the lever just fine and nothing happens sometime. Correct?
I just broke 200,000 miles when i parked it in jan. :-D
wow, that is a LOT of mileage...makes my ´93 with 136k KM (roughly 85,000miles) seem like a young´un :-D
I´m sorry zzyzzx, i´m at work right know so i´m jumping on and off. I forgot to answer you´re other questions.
The shifter moves just fine. Everything is smooth on that side. I even had a friend shift the gears while i watched the linkage and everything is moving like its supposed to.
If i put er in just drive, like you would normally do, it just revs the engine. The same in overdrive. BUT, in first gear it runs like the scalded ape that she is. If you shift up, from 1st to drive, nothing engages and she just revs er up.

I bought it used, but i had a big part on the mileage. I was putting about 100 miles on er every day for a little over half a year. Not to mention the three trips down to Padre since i owned it. :-]
If I had that many miles on my transmission I´d just get a Jasper rebuilt one.

How hard is it to remove and replace if you want to do it yourself?
If i wasn´t working 12-16 hour days, and cause i have access to a big shop equipped with an electric hoist and all the tools i could possibly need, i could probably swap the another auto tranny in about four to five hours. But alas, time is not a plentiful resource for me so i have just been crawling in and out of that thing in the mornings and evenings, taking off little tidbits here and there. I´m not in much of a rush considering i don´t have a tranny yet.

I haven´t had any real trouble so far. All i lack is pulling the axles and dropping the tranny.

I called most of the rebuild shops in the tri-county area and the cheapest i found a rebuilt auto w/90 warranty was $1000. :-| :-|
dnt go the rebuilt route...just find a scort and look at the odometer before u pull it....get a junkyard tranny.
Snoochy-Boochy, 92gt5spd Boochy!!!!!!! (sorry about that)

Hopefully the escort gods will smile down on my pitifull existence and bless me with the location of one. If not, THEY CAN GO ROT IN SOME UGLY LITTLE CAVALIERS ASS!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry again)
:-Y :-Y :-Y :-Y :-Y :-Y
yeh automatic 1.8gt transmissions are hard to find.... try finding protege automatic trannys... i had to pull a caliper today and i got mine off a protege and it was automatic..if u werent from texas i´d say lets arrange something because the car is in great shape and the tranny is only 95 bucks...i dunno, if ur interested, it costs 50 bucks to have it shipped most places...let me know somethign cuz if u want it, i´m sure we can arrange something.,(set price for all vehicles)
What´s wrong with rebuilding a transmission? i´m going to have to because I don´t think mine will hold up much longer, even with only 91k miles on it. plus after I turbo it I want something that can handle the boost and shift smoothly, without the notchy crap feel.
Well that is what i was trying to get to with you yesterday, but the weather was so bad when I was trying to respond to your post and i had to get jet. The roof caved in on my office. We had like 60 to 70mph winds yesterday all day long. There were even gusts up to 80 and 90mph.

As far as the shipping and the cost, that sounds great. Do you think you could find a 5spd manual for me??? Id really like to convert to manual. If not, maybe you can keep an eye out for a good turbo or something???
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