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Armrest for center console

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Does anyone know if the 3rd gen ever came with an armrest? The center console seems so low that maybe it should have had one but wasn't sure. If not, I'm thinking I will make one myself; so, if anyone already has, ideas or tips would be great!
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I was thinking that same thing on making one. Nothing too fancy but enough to do the job and make driving a little more comfortable. Not sure about the 2nd gens but the 3rd have a square shape cut out just before the hand brake that would be good to hold an armrest of some sort. I was thinking of using the matting they use in quilts and just doubling it or tripling it up so it wouldn't be too thick.

I'll check around at the junkyards too and see if I can find anything. Won't pay that much but who knows what the chances are....
PEEWEE91 said:
yes. they are wicked rare though.

luckily my car came with one :)

heres what they look like

That's awesome! It seems so weird to see it though since mine has never had one. I would love to find one but now that I'm starting to think about it a little more, I'm leaning towards making one.... Projects are always fun! Anyone know of anybody making one?
Didn't even think to check ebay. Not sure if I would want to spend $70 for it but good to know they are on there.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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