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arizona meets

Discussion in 'West Coast' started by slipperywagon, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. slipperywagon

    slipperywagon FEOA Member

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    the desert, arizona
    this sucks I always see groups of civics, mustangs, scions, and so on meeting up. No escorts though. I would like to meet some fellow escort owners in the phoenix area. Doesn't have to be at the street races like every one else. we could all meet up somewhere and get some grub. I know you guys are out there I see you driving around so I know there are some of us out here. If you want to meet up let me know. I live in Goodyear but ill drive out to central Phx or where ever doesn't matter. Also Does anyone know of an escort group on facebook I've searched but I haven't found anything. If you do let me know. Other than that if you wanna meet up just let me know. Maybe ill find a random parking lot and just hang out untill escorts start showing up lol.
  2. dj59y

    dj59y FEOA Member

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    mesa az
    I'm around, hit me up I tend to go out to the pavilions when I have the time

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