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are Audiovox alarms easy to install for low-end DIY?

Discussion in 'Safety & Security' started by needWheels, Jun 15, 2010.

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    I really only want the panic button feature on a car alarm, someone would have to be insane to steal or even break into my 1992 (which doesn't even have a stereo, I use my portable mp3 player which goes with me)

    I'm looking at something like this, Audiovox (AA925 AA-925)

    But I am worried about how hard it might be to figure out where to do the lights and horn.

    Has anyone already installed something like that?

    Do you know where the wiring is?

    Getting out the fusebox seems really tricky on the 92, at least to me, I gave up on it trying to fix the dinger and actually found disassembling the steering column was easier!

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