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Hey. does anybody know how much a full fledged paint job would be? Am i looking at 2 grand 3 grand? Just a rough estimate from experience would be great. i´m talking sanding to the metal (fixing the rust spots and dents) and then completely priming and repainting it, Possibly with twin pin stripes extending bumper to bumper over the hood, roof and tailgate...I dunno. Thanks

Red 92 EGT
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thats a decent price. if you do the repairs and sanding/priming yourself you can save a lot of money and it is fairly idiot proof. Just takes a lot of time. The pain takes a bit of skill and experience. better left to someone else.
I´d do the dents and rust myself but this is my daily driver, if i go anywhere, i use this car. and if i start a project like that i don´t want to drive the car. I´d rather have it all professionally done.
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