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Does anybody have a CD case for Simcity 3000 for PC? I have my CD but can´t find the case with the "code" on it for installation. I want to see how fast this game is on my new computer and been wanting to play it for a while but I can´t find the f*&kin case. anyone wanna share their installation code? I´m not sure it´d work though, but ..............pleaaaaaaaase? :-]
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james, u can find a hack prolly on kazaa that will eitehr hack it or generate a key code that will work..try that.
I don´t need the game and I can´t find any hacks on Kazaa. No one at all has this game? I just wanna see if I can get it to work on this computer.
this might work...got it off KaZaA
yeah.. I´m sure you lost it... anyhow.................. THE One AND ONLY SITE!!


PAtches, Cd´ CRACKs´ you name it.. it has it FIRST !!!!!!!!! anyhow.. GOOD luck finding the case... ahahhahahah :-]

10-04-2003 at 00:10, DreamLand wrote:
yeah.. I´m sure you lost it... anyhow..................


What´s that supposed to mean? if I had the case I wouldn´t have posted this on here. :-?

Thanks guys 2EGTs got me a code and it worked.
Uh, no I didn´t (hint, hint, wink, wink. ;-) ). I believe he misplaced his case for real. I´ve done it before. Besides if he burnt a copy of it he would have said so, he doesn´t seem to be the kind of person who would lie about something stupid like that. Yeah gamecopyworld.com and gameburnworld.com are usually the best places to go for those of us who want working BACKUP copies of a game; or for those of us who don´t give a sh*t about those little disclaimers. Not that I am one of them. hehemm...Anyway glad I was NOT ;-) able to help you James.
Er um yeah. 2EGTS DIDN´T help me. Disreguard all that :cool:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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