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Anyone been abducted by Aliens?

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Is there anyone who can share this experience with me?
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not me....but did u see the movie signs? that movie was INTENSE! i didnt wanna sleep for bout a week and i had bout 50 super soakers all filled up around me.
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I was abducted by illegal aliens few times. But we kick their ass:)))
i´ve not been abducted, but i´ve seen a few genuine ufo´s in my time
I abducted an alien once.
Bastard parked his UFO right in front of my driveway early one morning, and I couldn´t get to work. So I waited until he came back, then I grabbed him and threw him in the trunk of my car. Drove him around on some bumpy roads, then dumped him back in front of his space ship (which turned out to be a Delorian...go figure). Haven´t seen him since. I wonder how he´s doing.
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donny you puss! I forgot to tell you when we were camping in CO last weekend there were this friggin birds that clicked just like the alians in the middle of the night.
I swear that one night I saw some UFO's just down the road from my house... now I see that there are towers there for like personal planes, but they still looked like UFO's that night.
Good work with the thread revival. I say this one stays though.
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