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Anybody purchased the Onderground kit???

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im interested in purchasing the sideskirts and rear bumper to go with my sentra drift front and was wondering if any of you guys have purchased any of these from them or the whole kit??in the picture it shows the skirts on a 4 door and i have a 2 door gt but i thought they were only making the skirts for a 2 door??
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I think that the sideskirts are all the same for both 2 and 4 door models.

and I dont know of anybody who owns the onderground kit. I think it´s pretty dayum ricey.. I think that the Cosworth RS bumper is the perfect bumper... it´s stylish but subdued and very functional. I wish they had cloned the cossie RS bumper instead of making a riced out snowshovel. My 2 sentz.
ummmm.....not that i know off...i´m a poor poor man, and haven´t got the money to buy one....
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