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any mods for a 89 scort?

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what kind of mods can i do to improve the performance of my 89 scort. i want to be able to smoke the little rice burners more then i did in my cavy, i just would like to know the bolt ons availble
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Intake and Exhaust....cheapest per hp gained.

Play with the timing...a little advance can help your initial jump, a little retard can help your top end (dont over retard though...exhaust manifold will start glowing :p )

N2O, SuperCharger in a Bottle, Squeezing the Juice, the Cheap Stuff... it really is a big gain for no work. Before going with N2O though I would look into an ignition system. Something that can ignite a more exotic fuel mix and something that can retard timing under shot.

The ignition will help throttle response too...good idea just to stay N/A. Like wise fuel flow is important. Aim for tight air/fuel ratios. Exhaust and Intake seem to help make more power because they also cause cars to run a little fat, but becareful, too much fuel can slow you down too.

Lighten the car....strip it out. Look at any drag car...nothing in it. If you want subs and seats...its a choice and trade off.

Traction...keep good tread to the ground.

stiffen the suspension...helps with the hole-shot.

Forced Induction: TURBO! Yep, higher air densities mean more air passes through the motor. The motor being a big air pump, means more air in, more air out, more power to the ground. Compressed air....aka Artificial Cubic Inches.

:-o :-Z Complete motor build. Higher compression pistons, increased VE in the head, cams, valves, balancing. Big dollars..the only way to get the big numbers.
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oh, i´m sorry. then before you do anything i would swap in a 1.9L HO from a GT, but that´s a lot of work and maybe that´s not what you´re after here. truthfully, there are hardly and bolt on mods for the escorts before (and including) ´90. but if you just want quick effective results, take out that air box and put a K&N cone filter in there, get a new exhaust w/out a cat., and get an intake.
you dont have to do a swapo to get a fast 1st gen there was a guy on the erdt board a couple monthes ago who is also on honda hookup who had a 1st gen lx that ran consistant 14.8 ´s but that would require some boreing and porting and stuff but it is completely possible to have a decently fast 1st gen lx.

ProudEGT - as far as I know, there´s no airbox on the CFI engine´s intake. Unless it´s inside the fender... but I doubt that, since the filter is inside the big oval on top of the engine. ;)

Are the first Gen GTs carbeurated or fuel injected?

btw me and brian saw an EXP today on the way to Toys R Us. it was tight. :-]
early 1st gens were carburated, later ones were fuel injected. There was CFI and EFI. I think CFI mean central fuel injected, but I have know idea how it worked. EFI is just yur plain ol electronic fuel injection. The HO on the later 1st gens mean High Output because the heads were designed better. Please correct me if any of this is wrong.
CFI is also known as TBI, throttle body injection. a single fuel injector squirts fuel down into a throttle body, like a glorified carburator.
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