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Any Know Problems for a 91 Escort GT

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I am a proud new owner of a 91 Escort GT and was wondering if anyone knows of any known issues.
It has AC, Fog Lights, almost all the toys. Only thing bad about it is its automatic

Any information is very appricated.
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well i know the auto trannys like to go out alot. umm what else, they start making a lot of rattling noises, interior is cheap. thats about it. oh and the fuel guage, itll like to go whacko, like mine does. dont feel like spending 100 somewhat bucks to get a new sender and floater.
that is funny about the reply...i own a 91 gt and it is an auto. the car has just passed 100k miles and is on its thrid trans. everything rattles and my gas guage reads full one minute then low the next....,........i do have one question....i have a lot of heat coming into car from what feels like under the dash..any clues....could it be from trans being worked on?
Thanks guys, for the replies!
I also have the heat comming from the same place, dispite the heat is off and the temp is set all the way left.
I have noticed the gas gauge likes to move around a bit. Nothing like playing the guessing game with gas


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well my transmission lasted right up to about 500 miles short of 150k. my fuel gauge has been broken for a long time, it always reads full until there´s about 3 gallons left in the tank. the pin on my crankshaft broke. there´s absolutely no rattling in my car, even when i turn up my 2 12"s. it´s all in the tires guys...i got great tires and my car has absolutely no vibration at 90 mph. the AC likes to break, but that happens on every car. actually mine needs that new crankshaft now so i´m selling it and finding a new car...so sad.
hey new91....i had someone reply to the heat....he said to try to look for a crack in the steering shaft seal...i will try and let you know
ScottyBoy, sounds great....I will check mine out too and let you know too.
hey new91.....any luck with the heat..and does your ac work?
My 93 runs beautifully, but I´m worried about the sending unit for the fuel gauge....I think I´ll replace it when I upgrade the fuel pump for the turbo.
I was unable to crawl around my car this past weeekend but my AC just blow hot air like theres no tomorrow.

I will look tonight.


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I guess I´m lucky my scort blows ICE cold air and its at 95k miles
Hey TheBlade:

Someday I will have AC too
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new...i also have no freon in my ac....so i am beginning to wonder if the heat coming in is from the no ac...like the one guy said typed to me in the section..."heat coming in car"...you might want to read it....why do you have to crawl under there...make your man do it..haha
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ScottyBoy: LOL, I should make him do it
But I this is my thing....I don´t mind.
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