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This is from KCSR (Kansas City Social Resource)...

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Here's the overview & some cliffs of it:

Click me It's the second post down.

Videos for reference:

Video 1

Video 2

Important information if you read the thread:

Dilsnick drives a Hayabusa, is pretty cocky but I've met him and wouldn't ever fck with him. At one point he went to a member's house with crowbar because he joked about raping dilsnick's girlfriend.

Belton is a trashy suburb of kansas city. It's host to more trailers than houses.

Spiffy's Cliffs:

Internet fight broke out over "fastlife's" friend doing burnouts in parkinglot near people. "Dilsnick" and "Fastlife" went back in forth in a heated argument. They then decided to fight behind a business.

Fight was supposed to be 1vs1, but "fastlife" brough 4 other guys. They scrapped some, poor punches and kicks thrown, "dilsnick" takes "fastlife" to the ground to pound him. Elbow's were thrown, and in an attempt to stop "fastlife" from moving, "dilsnick" attempts to force his leg down and ends up grabbing the testicles of "fastlife".

Then another internet war starts. All within one thread.

People are dumb, that's it.
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