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another little site i run...its funny

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its bout all the little cars out there that go way over. i have a section where you can rate the rice if you want to on a scale of 1 to 5. i´d appreciate it if you guys might help spread the word

i promise i won´t put any scorts up there.
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as far as rice goes, i think if the owner thinks it looks good, that it is ok.
yeah, that is true. as long as it´s cool with the person that owns the car its great. more power to them on moding their car. i put the site up because it´s always a little fun to "push peoples buttons"
so may as well do it with something i enjoy too, cars!!!! hehehe
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i find from reading sites like yours, it makes me want to get muffler with a 4" tip, or some thing like that.
I checked out the site. Amazingly, every one of the cars featured in the gallery could easily be spotted in Sport Compact Car or Super Street. Guess that makes them RICE publications? Take a look at some of the advertisements. I forget the name, but it´s got ´motorsports´ in the company name. Yet their entire ad is LED windshield squirters, shift knobs, license frames, chrome this, chrome that. Colored carpet, clear/tinted hoods. But absolutely NOTHING that would otherwise relate to MOTORSPORTS. That, in my opinion at least, qualifies as RICE.
I know this is a major thread revival... but what ever happened to this website Slapyo???

BTW... did the site use HTML in the past instead of what we are using now?
What's with the resurrections?
linkie no workie
Look at when the thread was posted...
Spiffy said:
Look at when the thread was posted...
damn daisy :x
OK here's the obligatory
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okay maybe not donnie
I know it was a revival... but I was wondering if it was renamed or just gone forever. Either way sounded like fun!
gone. i ran out of pics to take of cars around me and nobody else was posting them.

but you guys can go here instead.


i'm gonna get some to put on cop cars lol.
I like the peeps who think being stupid gives them
the right to park in Handicapped spots.
And I didn't get a picture, but at the Welfare
office a lady parked her BMW in the handicapped spot
(WITH a H.P> sticker) accross the sidewalk and
two inches from the office wall.
Not only did other handicapped people have to go
into the icy parking lot to get around her car, SHE had too also,
I'll say it one more time:

"If stupid was money this town would be full of Zillionaires!"
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