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I was taking I-430 going over to my sister's and just cruising alone and I saw this not bad looking Accord come onto the highway...wasn't thinking much of it till the driver made a point to slow down to where they were in the right hand side behind me and then came riding past...looking like they were giving it hell...and started dodging traffic like we were racing...well I was still going about 60 and figured...what the hell...why not...well by this time the Accord as a couple of cars ahead...but traffic was not heavy at all so I didn't even downshift, just kept in 5th and went after it...shorty I passed the Accord and figured that would most likely be the end of that...but nope...they tried again and this time I kept just ahead of them until they stopped accellerating at around 100....when I noiced that they were not staying with me...so just as an added insult I floored it and took off till about 110...just enough to show I had more...then I got to my exit and went on to my sister's
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