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Another Ford bites the dust.

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On a serious note, aside from my being killed from a Regal GS today....I got into work this morning to hear the news that my mom had been involved in an accident. First off let me tell you she ALWAYS wears her seatbelt.

Her route takes her to a semi-remote part of the city in which you travel over 3 RR tracks and then you have to make a right turn. Well this morning she was taking her normal route and went over those tracks, turned right and continued on her way. What the police think happened was that she had kinda slipped off the road a little and tried to swerve back onto it, basically making herself fishtail over the oncoming lanes. Whilest she was in her fishtail, apparently another truck/car was coming from the other way and T-boned her in the passenger side door.
I talked to her after I ate lunch and she said all she remembers is driving straight, and then waking up in the field off the side of the road with someone looking into her window. Then she called into the office twice after someone head already called once at which point my dad took off. She went into shock.

My mom was driving a V6 semi-full-sized Ford Ranger 4x4 (I´m sure she had the 4WD on too), but I don´t know what the other car/truck was. I went and looked at my moms Ranger and the entire passenger door is mashed in and parts of it are pushed against the passenger seat, the front quarter panel was shoved underneath the hood and the rear panel was also pushed inward. This truck has those sit facing each other rear fold down seats.

She refused to go to the hospital until my dad showed up and made her go, the doctors gave her an aspirin and released her at 11 or so and then my dad brought her home where she´s been resting since then. Luckily, she got hit on the passenger side of all places so no one was seriously hurt.

This morning was shitty beyond belief, it was warm yesterday, everything melted and then froze again last night, then it started to snow this morning again. That means horrible black ice. By the time I got on the road around 9 everything was just wet, no snow or ice anymore. Just yesterday Fort Wayne had 3 fatalities from this kind of weather pattern.
This is my moms first accident since she was 21 yrs old when she got t-boned by a hit-and-run (and never caught) driver. She´s an excellent driver but I think she just got a little too comfortable with the 4wd at her disposal. I´ve gotten a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 4x4 sideways, so I know it´s not too hard to do.

I´m begging all of you, wear your seatbelts and if that white stuff starts to fall, slow down. I don´t care if you´re late. slow down.
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hahaha white stuff, thats not how i judge my life, its when the dirt starts to grow, u can go alittle faster, too bad the dirt dont grow much in canada ;-)
ok, while were at it, i might as well share my stories.

Story A - Car #1 - 2000 Ford Escort Zx3 - May 2002 (age 16 & 3 months)

I had just finished a 11-7 midnight shift at tim hortons, driving around at 7 o´clock, i was not the least bit tired, so i cruised round, then headed to Beinfait (bout 10 km away) everything was fine, we went hunting for a while, then around noon, we made our way back for subs, we took 2 vehicles. He was in the lead, i was behind. It began to rain, wasnt bad rain, but wet the roads. I had switched lanes, and not thinking (maybe due to being tired) i snapped the wheel back straight and when i did, my back end just kept on goin. Into a fishtail i was sent, till finally, i hit the ditch sideways. All i could see was road-dirt-road-dirt-road-dirt till i finally settled on my roof in the middle of the divided highway. I had looked around, no airbags off, but Blink 182 was still playing, so i turned it off, reached for my seatbelt, and WHAM! fell 6 inches onto my face (only funny part) luckily the rear driver window busted out and i crawled out to see my cousin running down the highway towards me and many a car coming to a halt. I was not hurt in the incident, but the car was totalled off.

Story B - Car #2 - 1995 Ford Escort GT - Jan 2003 (age 16 & 11 months)

School had just let out, and my carpool dropped me off at home, and we sed we would goto Dairy Queen for coffee in a couple minutes. So i decided to cruise around for a couple minutes till they got ready, i had passed Dairy Queen and saw non of my friends were there, so i proceeded to Brandon´s house (friend to meet), i was turning the corner (green light) and wasn´t going terribly fast, bout 40 km/h when from behind a large black SUV came a large old van, RIGHT in front of me, i slammed on the brakes only to slide into the front corner of this bahemeth of a van, shattering my front end and exploding both air bags, i was wearing my seatbelt and did not even touch the airbags, but my wrist was on the steering wheel and was rashed by the bag coming out, once again, i sat there, looked around, turned off Blink 182 AGAIN! walked out to see my car in thousands of peices on the road. After swearing a couple times, i proceeded to punch my horn to get it from stop blaring. I tried to start my car, it turned over a few times till it died, i then pushed it off to the side, with once again another totalled car.

So my grand total so far is
$12900 - Focus
$ 8900 - Escort
$22000, but from SGI i ended up getting $24000 back (good deal)

So now i am age 17 & 1 month, 1993 Red Ford Escort GT, and i just wonder what fate has in store for me

So buckel up, drive smart, and dont total cars :-]
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stupid thats what, mine dont work, well the pas. one does, but the dri. side makes a hideous knocking sound, so i just pulled the fuse for both of them

Automatic seatbelts, are kind of a novelty. A seatbelt hook is attatched to the pillar that goes over your window, and it slides right from the front of the window, all the way back over your shoulder, so when you sit down, and close the door, this seat belt comes towards you, and down behind your shoulder, after that, you much reach down, and do up your lap buckel.

The way i like doing it is by doing them both up manually, it feels likea fancy half-ass 5 point harness, and then when ur ready to get out, u snap both belts off at once, and they go flying back to their hole, and ur like.. yes :-D
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