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Another Exhaust Question

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Anyone just running a muffler welded on with no pipe work?

Not lookin to spend that kinda money, just want some sound...

If so, what mufflers are you running?
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I would say for cheap either APC or reactive. both are loud as hell and not too bad priced. Or even on Ebay you might be able to get a cheap DTM which are really nice.
i had borla, but over the winter i hit some ice and slid ova a concret bevel...bye bye exhaust...nothing else was damaged cept my exhaust. I plan on gettin the flowmaster either 50 or 60 series and i guess the stupid pacesetter header cuz no one has a header made for our cars.
I just replaced my resonator with straight 1 7/8" pipe and the sound has gotten a little bit meatier and louder too. It´s nice.
I have installed a thrush turbo muffler on mine ,it is not very loud but it sounds good cruisin down the road.it cost about 25 bucks,im going to hollow out the cat to so that should be a little louder,ill let ya know
ive actually been learning how to weld this week...its pretty sweet stuff. anyway, on escorts i believe that you need a little extra pipe bc the stock muffler is pretty far under the car. but other than that, you shouldn´t need wider pipes or anything. my friend put a muffler on and removed the cat and his car was a lot faster and louder.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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