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and you think YOUR car has it bad!

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I´v read a bunch of posts about peoples cars seizing, and not running right, and just plain bad stuff, but my scort has had the worst of everything but total and complete death, it´s even been pronounced dead, but with a LOT of work, it keeps bouncing back. hmm... where to begin,

after buying it april 1st of this year, it ran great, two weeks later while booney riding on some of western pennsylvania´s most notorious roads, i learn what an inertia switch is. remember, a scort will register a large pot hole as a frontal collision.

then one day i notice it doen´t like to start, and it just doesn´t seem to power the starter, then on april 26th, my 18th birthday, it dies. just won´t start, won´t run, won´t even turn the feul pump over. eventualy we tow it back home with a rusty old ford and a 30 foot chain, pop the hood at home and see one wire, the defroster wire, was burnt. replace the wire, vroom, the thing runs. this is sunday, 2 days later.

of course, the car runs, so it has to go for a ride. i head into town, do a few laps, turn on my lights, no lights. turn them off, then on, now i have lights. go up one hill, down another, pull into sheetz and smoke rolls out from under the hood. shut the car off, take the keys out and pop the hood, only to hear the starter try to turn over the engine, and the headlights blink. look under the hood only to see a wiring harness going behind the battery in flames. another tedious trip home, this time under it´s own power. the next day, after 6 hours of rewiring, hit the key and she roars back to life.

almost a month goes by, no problem, then, as a make a lap, ride behind pizza hut, i hit some water, hydroplane sideways, and hit the curb, putting a nice gash in my alluminum rims, shredding a tire, bending a lower control arm, anctualy both the drivers and passenger side, and also twiated the sway bar. $200 later, thanks to a junk yard, and she´s back on the road again, a little mis aligned, hood not in the normal angle, but she still runs.

now i have someone wanting to trade an ´86 rx-7 for my ´89 scort gt. tempting...
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I don´t know....I would think about stickin with the scort cause those rx7´s can be tempermental and scorts have two reps that keep proving true to me time and time again.1)parts are cheap.2)almost any one can work on ´em successfully.Of course I´m biased, as my 89 has been in the family since mile one and, now has 240,000 on the stock motor with out any thing more than general maintenance.Now the body all that´s orig. is the roof and drivers quarter.In 91 my sister unsuccessfully tried to go under a semi & got caught by the back tires .Had the car been any older it wouldn´t be here today.
Often the slide switch behind the key mechanisim gets loose,and looses contact this sounds like it may be your problem.Dissasembly is a pain but once you get there a cleaning and perhaps a little tweak on the contacts should fix it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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