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Am I crazy?

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Am I crazy if I want to run a 100 shot of NOS in my 92 egt with 130,000 miles. Does anybody know if this is possable with stock internals? If it is does anybody know what is the breaking point for max hp. I want to be faster than a [email protected] at the track
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The problem with nitros is not about anything but how fast you can x-ost it. If you can´t x-ost fast enough you´ll blow your engine. Free flow x-ost catback, cat and good manifold is not enough. You´ll need to really work on your canshaft part. Highlift camshaft, lifters, dual springs, light rocker arms. Sometimes you´ll need to port and polish to put bigger valves. Other thing is tranny. You´ll nave to make it stronger to handle 100 shot. Also your injectors are they capable to supply enough fuel for that amount of nitros.
So how you can see SIKiller. 100hp is not a problem. Just install the kit and here you go. Oh yeah maybe 200shot will work as well. Just try it. But don´t blame me is you´ll blow your engine:)))))))
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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