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Hi everybody!
Been a long time since I didn't post here! Just so much is happening in my life this month!
Got a new job, a good one, got a accident that mostly killed me..And finding another scort!!! I was thinking about JameScort's GT, but it's to far from me! :(
I've found another one, more near from me. The guy redo all the suspension, brake and paint. But the tranny blow off, so the guy is offering me the car for 500$ CA
And the good thing about that is that I found a good mechanic to do the car for me... :p GTX engine, Gt tranny, custum ECU, custom header with a beautiful T3 hybrid :p Mostly will run at 20psi of boost, 3inch stainless exhaust and all the other addon :p
So I just hope I'll get the scort and a loan from the bank to do all that :p
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