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yep, i have found a new way on how to clean up those haggard oxidized headlamps that we're all suffering from, and even without sanding.

this stuff my buddy lent me, it's called "Blue Magic". he used it on his Eclipse, and Avenger headlights, and tonight i used it on my Escort lights.

blue magic's primary use is for metal polishes. but if you read carefully on the side, it'll say that it help fights against corrosion and oxidation. the key word is oxidation..

(note: im willing to bet any other kind of anti-oxident chemical would work the same, im just mentioning what i used.)

so, i applied the stuff on the headlights with a teeshirt like you would with regular car wax. waited a few seconds, and rubbed it all off. but you're going to have to scrub with some amount of force, otherwise it won't all come off.

but hey, the stuff worked like a charm. no more oxidation. no sanding. me, happy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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