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alrighty, all you spoiled, spoiled little....

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people in the forum.....nukewater said we were gonna do this, so, i decided to do it for him..

what´d you get for CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAYS...sorry gotta be politically correct..

here´s what i got..
green lava lamp...
taproot cd
a cell phone case
after shave
and something like 550$$ from friends/family/boss (this money is going towards my new..well new old car)

however, my true gift wasn´t here...i want my "g/f" to be wrapped and under the tree...but i guess santa thought that might be kidnapping, and it doesn´t help that she´s in cleveland for a few days....
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I got a cd back out of many that were stolen...Collective Soul´s greatest hits CD called "7even Year Itch" they´re one of my favorite bands, and I missed this CD. I also got 50 bucks from my dad and a new hooded sweatshirt from my mom, and a few dinosaur books (my grandma still thinks I´m 10 apparently, they´ll come in handy later on in life when i need to put my kids to sleep...) hehe
sorry i did this in the wrong post.. ill doit in this one now so its official
Happy holidays everyone.. im soo happy.. i got lotsa good stuff (i like being young)

I got a:

K&N Filter Recharger (drying right now)
Clear corners (installed already)
neon lights
$100 worth of Gas
sum cool ass walkie talkies from my grampa
and clothes.. i love clothes too.

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On 2002-12-25 13:47, nukewater wrote:


bah! Battlefield 1942 suX0rZ comp4r3d to DOOM 3... have you tried the alpha leak? It r0X0rZ j00R b0x0RZ!!!1

I got some nail clippers and a toothbrush.
I got:

new black carpet for the wagon
150 piece tool kit
and some more cool things
here is my list:
- Sony Digital Camcorder w/accessories
- $150 in gift certificates/cash
- Travel Bag for bathroom stuff
- Stamper set (gonna stamp anything metal or leather i own)

- The Sum of All Fears
- A Christmas Story
- Mr. Deeds
- Braveheart
- There´s Something About Mary
- Dude Where´s My Car
- Army of Darkness
- The Evil Dead
- National Lampoon´s Van Wilder
- Dumb and Dumber
- Black Hawk Down

- Grand Theft Auto Vice City

that should be it. everyone have a great xmas or whatever holiday that you may celebrate.
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Did YOU buy those, or did you get them for Christmas Slapyo? you Lucky lucky punk! you and your rich family
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i got them for xmas. i´m gonna buy more DVDs with the money i got.

i also got the limited edition book Sled Driver. about the sr-71, comes with a patch, autographed by 4 sr-71 pilots, and it has some other stuff too.

gotta go figure out how to work this camcorder.
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Ya gotta put in the tape and the battery, then turn it on...oh and make sure the cap isn´t over the lense, that usually works.
I think i´m going to save my Christmas money from my dad (50bucks) and put it partly towards Florida and if i get that Corolla S
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Fun stuff:

-mechwarrior 4 inner sphere mech pak
-2 battletech novels
-a red celica micro turbo racer (cute lil reomote control car about 2 inches long)
-1/43 (i think) scale model of a viper gts
-wooden mancala board game (COOLEST GAME!!!)
-star wars ep. II DVD

Car stuff:

-fram double guard oil filter (even though i just changed oil week ago)
-2003 calendar wth sport compact imports, but they weren´t too ricey, and there was a dragster zx3 in there too, go figure
-eagle 1 tire swipes ooo shiny

Gift Certificates/Moolah:
-$200 cheque from a deceased relative´s old savings account
-$30 GC for future shop
-$25 GC for TipTop (men workclothes place)

and lotsa socks, shirts, and nice new work clothes for my upcoming IT job
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Sorry to hear about the relative man.

Well, I had a big dinner...made enough food for like 12 people.
I didn´t get anything for Christmas though
. Because of work and my car not running I couldnt make it to SoCal...my family didn´t really believe me about work not allowing employees time off from Nov 8th to Jan 8th, so they all got upset and left me out this year. I guess the good news is I finally got more hours this coming week. At least I didn´t get totally laid off. 24hrs..but its enough to buy food and pay my car insurance and gas.

The really really cool thing though, one of my friends he got a 007:Nightfire for Christmas, but it wont run on his computer...so I get to play it before he gets his computer upgraded...it barely runs on mine though. Can´t get the sniper rifle to work right. And he and his wife got the scort a strut tower bar

It´s enough for me though. At least I got to spend it with some awesome people.
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well sounds like most everyone had some good times over this joyous holiday, i know i did...

me and the fam. held a huge 5 hr pool tourney ...so to speak....mom, allowed me to drink some jack daniels...it´s like 11 proof, so i´m not really feeling it much....now, i´m waiting for "Wind Talkers" to come on....

now, i need to work tomorrow at 3.....aaaaahhh nothing like working on the busiest day of the YR!

I always thought the day after Thanksgiving was the busiest day of the year. yeah I have work from noon till 5 tomorrow
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I´m just glad its over now!!
Well my christmas was mixed. We moved into a new place two weeks ago today so we are still mostly in boxes. they 23rd I went to the old apartment to finish getting everything out and found out they ripped out all the carpet and left all the doors open with my stuff there. so it was kinda hard to get back into the holiday mood.

but it worked out good in the end. I got a weight bench I really wanted, a shop vac, saw, cordless dremel tool, some sweet guinness signs, misc cooking stuff (I love to cook.... and eat thats why I got the weight bench *L*).

Yesterday I bought a 300lb olympic weight set from play it again sports for $99. Darn good price IMHO. it is normally about $140. I´m not sure if all the stores cary these weights or not. they are new not used.

Anywho so with the addition of some more tools I´m REALLY itching to get those boxes out of the garage and start working on the scort and jeep. Money will be tight probably until feb but no biggie. probably take that long to unpack
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P.S. this new happy holidays thing is the dumbest thing I´ve ever heard of. happy holidays used to mean Christmas and new years. now is some lame ass PC way of not offending anyone. Just so some little jerk doesn´t get their panties in a bunch. SCREW ´EM! I mean really its CHRISTMAS. On other holidays celibrate away. It doesn´t matter what religion you approve of. It is a holiday for that group. soon it will be someone elses holiday. post all you want on this message board I don´t care. I think its cool to see and learn about other people holidays/beleifs personally.

I always thought only doing what you want was called childish... I dunno what the heck is going on these days.

For my family Christmas has always been a time to get together and reflect on the year not really a christian thing.

anyway... that is the end of my rant for today.... maybe I should start a "matts dumb stuff of the week" article hehe


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Christmas was always everyone in the family showing up at my house and all my relatives fighting over stupid stuff. Other then food and arguing there wasn´t much more too it.
well I got:
150 piece mechanics tool set
a pull along craftsmen tool box
a silver necklace
and some cash
everything else was for my daughter. It´s nice that you really don´t have to buy much when you have the only grandchild on mine and her mothers side of the family. That kid got so much stuff it was unbelievable. but than again i didn´t get as much as i usually get cause everyone bought things for my daughter. but thats cool, even though she was too young to understand everything she still had fun ripping and eating the paper. So it´s all good.
So did it snow where you guys live. cause the weather sucked here but the scort got through the weather with no problems.
it snowed just right, i mean the perfect amount here, it was amazing. and 9it all came within the week before christmas too

now it´s all starting to slowly melt again, go figure
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I got from my dad:
New JVC head unit and Pioneer Rears
and some hair junk and clothes

From my mom I got:
A new paint job, gloss Black(purdy nice)
a 125 piece tool kit
clothes and a dart board

Relatives gave me clothes and money
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