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All Time High?

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I think 23 users is a high for this site at one time,

Monday March 31, 9:22PM Saskatchewan time ;-)
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Its kind of a shame, cuz this is a pretty good site. Its no ERDT, but its still really good. I am planning on posting here even after ERDT is back up and running, try to get to know you guys, too.
i think we just need one site or the other not both that way we can have twice the people and twice the input on peoples questions. I will say this ERDT has done a lot more for me then Feoa yet FEOA first brought me toward buying an escort and making it my project car. I love both sites for there certain qualitys i think we should make one site that is the bomb. BUT THAT IS ONLY MY 2 CENTS SOOOOO.......
i found FEOA is alot more personal and down to earth, but when i go to ERDT, all i do is look stricktly for information, WHERES THE LOVE!!
Nothing at all wrong with FEOA.......But i want my ERDT back.
I would have to agree with Nukewater. I feel like we need one site.I found FEOA and ERDT on the same day but FEOA feels more like a community and we all know "It takes a village". I don´t want to knock any body but I see some users going and making other escort boards and I think that kinda sucks.If you want to start another board make it like Ford Compact Tuners or something, don´t take away from the solidarity we all share here.
well being who i am im gonna have to say go feoa. obviously more to offer on our site beyond a message board and some pics. :p plus ours is up 99.9% of the time. you guys just need to come here and post! become part of the FEOA crowd! then u´ll know why peep like the site! heh, so there was my pathetic attempt at luring u to FEOA. hope it worked.

as for a record, a few months ago we had almost 60 people on the site at one time.
hello no more bandwidth! :cool:
60 is actually pretty sweet, now if we can only get a 10th of that in the chat room at the same time :-]
bandwidth is fine, we have plenty. the site wasn´t lagging with the 60 users on, so i don´t see that many users or even more as being a problem.
sweet deal! this site always seems to be pretty speedy while loading no matter the time. very nice server :-]
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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