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All this BS for a Broken Timing Belt

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Man I could have saved a whole day´s headache and gone to work

The timing belt on this car was missing teeth...water pump must have killed it

What are the odds that valves are bent on this car?

The guy across the street said that he has never seen an escort bend valves after a timing belt has broken.

He said the same about my Honda Accord and he was certainly right.
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How could the valves get sucked up? if the timing belt breaks then the camshafts stop and the valves stick where they are, now I doubt they´re bent because the Escorts use "non interference" engines which means that there´s always enough room between the piston heads and the valves if the timing belt breaks...

But of course I am the only exception... when my belt broke the "mechanic, with a hometown touch" shot me up for 1000 dollars to fix up my car, he said i destroyed two valves and needed the head ground down. If i knew then what i know now, I would have made him show me before any work had been done.
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Ok, the belt doesn´t technically directly open/close the valves, the belt drives the crankshaft, and the two camshafts which opens/closes the valves, when the belt broke, the camshafts stopped spinning and therefore the valves are just going to stick in whatever position they were in at the time of the breakage. Say piston one was in the intake stage at that time: then the 2 intake valves would be open, and the two exhaust´s would be closed...vice versa if it was the exhaust stroke. That´s the way to explain it. I have an extra head in my garage, I could put it back together and show you what i´m talkin about, just come on over.
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Technically, the camshaft lobes press on a rocker arms(not sure if thats the actual name) which pushes on the valve spring, which pushes the valve down...
"if you have a 91-96 Escort GT it uses the mazda 1.8 BP motor. which as stated earlier is NON_INTERFERENCE! meaning even if the valves are down they will NOT connect with the pistons."

True, egtdude, they are N/I Engines, but you can´t rule it out, but i guess I´m the only exception to that. my 1.8 bent out two of my intake valves.
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