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Here's how it's gonna go...

Saturday September 27th, 2003

10am until 4pm

St. Thomas Dragway (in Sparta)

All Ford Vehicles are welcome

Test & Tune between 11am and 2pm
Bracket Race between 2pm and 4pm
*A bracket will be set-up just for us to run in*

Price for racing is $15 and for spectating is $10

Highway 401 to highway 74 south (exit 195).
Highway 74 south 20 kilometers to highway 3 (dead end).
Right on highway 3, 1 kilometer to County Road 36 (Quaker Road).
Left on county road 36 (Quaker Road) 9 kilometers to Sparta.
Turn right at Sparta on County Road 27
Track is 1.6 kilometers down the road on your Left side.

Come out have some fun and meet some cool people

Please post a reply if you plan on coming.
We need to gauge interest for this event.
The word at the other Ford clubs is that a lot of people are expected to show up so let's try to represent the Escort community as best we can.
I'm sure at least ONE of us will be able to smoke a Mustang at this event!

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I will most definately try my best to make this event :D

Gotta work till 12 on sat, so I'll be about 2:00pm before I get there.

Luckily no test and tune is required, I drive an auto and have about 50lbs of tools in the trunk :wink:

Thos mustangs wont know what hit them 8O :roll:

Matt 8)

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I'm thinking about going too. I have a 150 lb speaker box. I've already taken out the spare tire and jack. I can take out the custom wood trunk cover.

But there's one other big problem: ME. I weigh 265 lb naked. Compare me in the car with a guy that weighs only 160 lb (what I used to weigh before I went on my meds).

Anyway the point is that's a 110 lb right there. I think I should let someone else drive my car if I want to see what my car is really capable of. Like a 110 lb girl. That way I save 155 lb of human weight.

And I need to take off my huge, stylish fin (just adds drag). I need to take out my seats. I need to get stickier rubber for my stock rims. I might as well strip the car while I'm at it.

Then the car will be ready for the drag strip.

I don't think my car is designed for the drag strip. My car is a look good kind of car.

But I'll go anyway and see what happens. I'm sure I'll pull something very respectable for an escort.
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