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Airbag warning light flashing

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My airbag light started flashing today, when I started my car up. It flashes in a pattern, something like 3 flashes, short pause, 3 flashes, long pause.

The car has not been in any accidents lately, I don´t know what could´ve caused it.

What are the common causes for the airbag light coming on? What does the light mean? That my airbag is inoperable?
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Should probably mention that my car is a ´97 third gen!
If your airbag light is flashing in a pattern, it must be a code, indicating a particular problem with your airbag system. Chances are if you called a Ford dealer with the code, they´d probably tell you the airbags needed to be ´serviced.´ Even if you knew what the code meant (sorry, I know zero about 3rd gens) I don´t know that you could solve the problem yourself anyway.
Anybody know anything about 3rd gen airbag codes???
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Specifically 3rd gens I couldn´t say, but usually airbag lights come on and stay on. The anly real way to do any type of service is with the proper computer. Not something to mess with on your own - I know a enough about airbags to leave them to someone with the right tools.
yep it´s gotta be a code. I hear about this happening before on a different make of car, and if you open the door and push the door sensor peg (the little black peg that lets the car know that the door is open) really fast then the car enters diagnostic mode or something....

I dunno what the problem is though, ask a dealership, I agree.
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