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air suspension or lowered???

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I'm stuck in the middle on this one, i want something that will handle good around corners but will also give me a nice low stance. I want to go with air ride because i can adjust it but at the same time i am not sure if it will handle as good as what i had in mind originally which was tokico struts with ebiach springs or k-sport coilovers.... A used air ride kit will set me back $1600 pluse the back air shocks will need to be rebuilt which will be more money. I want it but like always money is an issue, if i do get airide that would be it for the whole summer. Give me some opinions, does anyone know how good a car handles on air???


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I have Eibachs mounted on Tokico S/Rs and love it. :D
a guy in my h/s had a neon on airbags and it handled like complete sh!t. saw him lift a wheel turning into the parking lot one day
thanks guys, i am kinda leaning more toward tokico struts with eibach springs after doing some thinking and reasearch but still seeing about others opinions . Another reason i kinda don't want to go with airide is the money....to much to spend in one place...


3" drop on dropzones and sr struts 16" wheels

3" drop on ground controls and sr struts 15" wheels
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Mmmm. Both of those scorts, magnifico!
nice, how does the one with dropzones handle compared to the ones with ground controls??? btw nice escorts, i do love that white one.
ground control FTW

I think part of the problem on my white car was the 22mm progress bar was too much with the stock front bar

was too tight in the rear, however with my sedan the gt rear bar is a perfect complement to the stock front bar

I like the way my 3rd gen drives as is, and my white car has 4 wheel disc, full es bushing kit and ss brake lines

both cars had front and rear strut bars
dont do air ride if you dont want to spend alote. its impossible to have system with no leaks, even if its a small leak, it gets annoying really fast. i assume that you like racing or ''spirited driving'', if you want the car to handle better, and if thats the case, you definitely shouldnt do bags.

it adds wieght, distracts you from the road(from adjusting it) and puts a draw on your electrical system.

i think some good springs or coilovers are more what your looking for
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