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Air/Fuel mixture problem.

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I´m started to having this problem since my intake was installed. Or hmmm maybe even before that. When I test my computer it showes that O2 says that mixture is lean.
While it´s idleing it´s producing water that dripping from my exost. While I´m driving everything is fine first 15 minutes (after computer codes were reseted) After that car starts to missfire in 2000-3000 rpm range. I can really feel it when I´m driving on 5th gear. After about hour of driving car starts being realy rough and it feels like I´m missing power. After the driving there is a black powder on my x-ost tip and little bit on the bumper meaning that I was running rich. Car has custom cold-ram air intake. swaped 3.8 TB ported polished and matched intake manifold. O2 is original and was never changed. I just wonder is it could be a O2 problem or I need new set of performance injectors and preasure regulator.???
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It sounds like it´s backing up, there´s alot done to get air into the motor but what about out?How´s your exhaust system set up?Do you have a catalytic converter?How many miles?Do you have to go through emissions testing?
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