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Air filter oil

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Hey, I cleaned my cone filter yesterday and went to oil it and realized that I was out of the refill oil. Reinstalled w/out oil and drove into work today. Think this could be bad in any way? Planning on getting the oil on the way home... Just something I hadn´t thought about until now.
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Siragan, here is your best bet, You cant beat this price!!! cheapest i´ve ever seen with buy it now at 13.00$ also you would have to pay shipping but that combined with the 13.00$ is cheaper then just buying the cone filter! And like zeemax said you would have to make your own VAF adapter, well this one has it so you just bolt the plate to the VAF, and then use the provided hose clamp to clamp down the cone filter to the VAF adapter plate. Hope this helps you bro.

CONE FILTER and VAF plate for protege
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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