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air assembly

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i have an 89 LX it says EFI....but im pretty sure its a CFI.....i want to rid my car of my air assmbly....as far as i can see there are no sensors...just a vacum....and i was thinkin about ditching all that extra.....and having just an airfilter....and a little mushroom filter....if this is possible let me know what id have to do....if not let me know so i can get back to thinkin
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does it have the air filter on top of the intake and throttle body? or is there a tube going down to the air filter?
Either way I´m sure that there are some sensors there.
yea, its an oval filter on top....there is an air tube....BUT its in to the fender...and ive already driven with the tube off, no sensor there....but im wonderin about the air filter assebly...where the throttle body is
I have the same dilemma.I was thinking of just going with a K&N but I want a cold air too.Like most things I will probably have to make it.I was thinking of starting with a throttle body spacer and using it as a template to begin the design.The biggest problem is that first turn,I haven´t yet decided how to conquer that yet but it´s gotta be smooth and free flowing.Anyone have an idea?
Move to Canada. We´ve got an abundance of cold air up here.
lol amen to that! though it´s supposedly going to warm up on wednesday, up to +13C!!! :-o
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