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Ah, the first oil change of spring...

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And my hands and driveway are stained. But it feels oh so good. Nothing like a crisp May night under your car up on jack stands, 5w-30 splattering all over you from the wind, the catch basin too far away to reach, and your only rag soaked so much that it won´t sop up another drop of oil.

Damn I love working on my car at home!

Have fun folks, and do your own work on your car, and save some bucks!
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Thanks, Marge.

I did my first oil change of the year in mid-March. At that time of year, I actually enjoyed the hot oil treatment.

Pet peeve: My 323 had enough clearance to change the oil without using ramps or jackstands. The GT is too low! (Clearly I don´t feel strongly about it since I´ve now lowered the car another inch.)
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