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Adjusting the timing

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I have my 94 LX and, I have to run hight test in order to prevent knocking.
Is there a device that I can buy to adjust this? I want to advance and retard the timing to see what is the best combo. Also to get the most HP if I can.
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Hey on my 91 LX I can only do the low RPM test (which occurs after the fan on the radiator turns on low and then high, and shuts off) then it gives me an error code that my idle speed is not set right to do the high rpm test, what should I do to fix this? I have no tachometer, so its gonna be difficult I think.
Ah, I was talking about when you do the ECC test or whatever and you jump the signal return pin and the self test input and then turn the car all the way on and leave it in park, it turns the fan on the radiator on low, then high, then the fan turns off. Then the car automatically accelerates the engine speed (dunno how) and (dunno how fast) but it´s relatively low speed. Then it gives me an error code (from the check engine light) telling me the idle speed is not configured correctly during the low RPM test so the High RPM test doesn´t happen. I have that Hanes manual for it and it tells me the code that it gives out as : Code 13 RPM out of specified range during self test low RPM check.
Thats what I wanna know how to fix. I think it has something to do with that screw on the throttle body.

The Instructions are like this:

Start the engine. The first part of this test makes sure the system can advance the timing. Check the ignition timing. It should be advanced about 20-degrees above base timing (check the VECI label for the base timing specification). Shut off the engine, restart it and run it for two minutes, then turn it off for ten seconds before restarting it. The check engine lamp should flash three times, then show and engine code. After another pause will be one flash/sweep, the signal to blip the throttle so the system can check throttle component operation. After this there will be a pause, followed by the Engine Running codes which will appear in the same manner as before, repeating twice.

So, Im just wondering is all.

Sorry for the "Essay Length" reply, but it had to be done to convey the idea.
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