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Adjusting the timing

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I have my 94 LX and, I have to run hight test in order to prevent knocking.
Is there a device that I can buy to adjust this? I want to advance and retard the timing to see what is the best combo. Also to get the most HP if I can.
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timing on an 89 is different, you have to put it to -10 degrees tdc......i think, that´s what it is, correct me if i´m wrong, get your self a timing light, and a trusted friend.....should take maybe 10-20 minutes, depending how much you 2 b/s with one another....

to adjus the timing.....put timing light on, and put the spark plug adapter...on the far left spark plug wire......which is cylinder one.........start car up, and let it idle.........the light should be flashing very quickly.....

point it down where the belts are, there should be a cover over the timing belt, it will show/tell you where the mark on the pulley should be.....once you figure it out........go to the distributor...loosen the two bolts, and adjust it accordingly
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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