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Okay, so I just fixed my emergency brake this morning. It actually works now! Yay! I thought I'd go down into the bottoms and find an empty stretch of road, maybe try some emergency stops with it and maybe some handbrake turns. ^_^ So I'm down there, and I take it nice and easy, slide around one of the turns at about thirty miles an hour to start to get the feel for the thing. It makes an oh-so-hella-loud squealing sound when I lock up the tires, and apparently I attract some attention, because not five minutes later I'm parked on the shoulder because I wanted a look at what kind of tire marks I might have made, and this new four cylander accord with a fart can and what sounded like an intake comes flying around the same corner doing like sixty, then slows down to a crawl while passing me and floors it, chirping his tires, tearing off. So I jump in my car and I'm after him. It takes me about 2 minutes to catch up to him; he's not going nearly as fast now and so I blow past him on the dotted yellow line. I slow down as I round a corner to see if he's going to follow, because I wanna see him. The line turns double yellow and all of a sudden I can feel his import breath blowing down my neck. So I crawl along just below the speed limit, forty five, then when the dotted yellow comes again I drop to third and floor it. I manage to keep about eight carlengths on him all the way through the passing zone, then slow down and let him catch up on the next double yellow line. So I continue having fun with him like this through the next six or seven miles of road for about a half hour, and meanwhile he's getting pretty steamed. (I'm such a bastard!! :p) So finally we're going around this corner on the double yellow and he tries to pass me, so I floor it without dropping a gear, and hold my own against him. I start to pull ahead and then I hear a squealing sound, and I look in my rear and he's going off the road into the ditch. So I slow down, turn around, and stop next to him. We both manage to push his car out of the ditch then we go our seperate ways. (Sorry for the long ramble :p)
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