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Im not an AC Tech, so cant give you good advice on labor. Buying the parts yourself, I think the compressor would be about $300 or a little less. But I would never replace -just- the compressor on a 15 year old car, I would also replace the hoses ($about 250?), and the accumulator or receiver/drier (whatever Ford calls it) for maybe $30, and the orifice tube (maybe $3). These are prices from an online seller.
I think the 94's use R-134a, so I think you could legally recharge it yourself & assuming you knew how much oil to put in; BUT....
You would need any refrigerant still in the system 'recovered' by someone with the equipment to do so. Doing otherwise would be illegal (violates the clean air act) at both the federal and state level. (I know, some salvage yards probably break that law when no one is looking). And secondly, you would need to pull a vacuum on the system for an hour or so, to get the old stuff out - and doing a flush on the old system would be a very good idea.
Taking shortcuts will shorten the life of the new system.
I would be glad to learn what it finally costs you to do it or get it done. I suspect no licensed A.C. repair place would care to have you buy the parts for them to install. My guess is it would cost between $700-$1100, to have a working system with a 'guarantee'.
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