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Hi I'm about at wits end with this AC, and I have a couple questions.

What the ac does:
I can hear the compressor engage and the ac lines condensate like they were cold, and so does the black box down below, so i'm 90% sure it's not the compressor/condenser

What it does not do:
The air does not come out of the vents, panel or floor; nor does it come from the defrost vents. There is no noise coming from the floor board, so I believe it has something to do with the blower motor. If the blower motor resistor was extremely rusted, would that prevent the motor from running (even on max speed)? Or is the motor simply burnt out?



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The fan speed resistor is noted for failing because of the amount of draw the blower motor pulls.

Sometimes the motor will fail but the resistor is more likely the problem.

The harness plug is known to get hot and melt. When it gets hot, the metal tangs on the wire ends will also get hot and spread out losing the connection to the resistor.

When that happens, you may lose low, medium or high speeds. OR you can lose all speeds like your experiencing.

unplug the wire coming from the fan to the resistor and use a couple of jumper wires to test the motor. Be careful which circuit you choose to do your test as you could blow the fuse if your choise is a lower amp circuit.

But hook to a good 12v source and jump to one of the connectors on the fan motor plug. Hook the other connector to ground. IF the motor runs, it's OK.

Doesn't matter which way you hook it up. IF you get if backwords, the motor will run in reverse rotation.

IF the motor is good, your speed resistor has likely failed.

My local O'rielly's can order the resistor and the a new plug for the resistor so you can restore that connection to original. Worked great on mine.

I've been twisting wrenches since 1972 and I lost count a long time ago of the number of resistors I've replaced for this same reason.

Good luck with it and let us know how things go.
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