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a simple q

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are the protege/323 bumpers a direct swap with the 'scorts or do they mount up differently?
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I'm *fairly* certain that front end body parts are a direct swap.
+1 I THINK from looking at JY cars seeing the bumpers on and bumpers off they are the same identical frame so the bumper should bolt right up! body lines might be a bit off but the bumper will bolt on, grill, headlights, corners, fenders all will bolt right on to make body lines match! the protege anyway not sure of the 323
well, i'm mainly concerned with the pro. i know there's been a gray one at the local jy for a while and i'm thinkin' that bumper would be a solid choice 'cause my fiberglass repairs on my gt bumper aren't holding up real well and i'm ready for a change of pace anyway
I think it will bolt on cause I just installed pro headlights and it works fine with my GT bumper, plus a guy on CP put a EGT bumper on his 323, and I think thatw as a bolt-on. I do know that you will need the bumper bar behind the bumper, cause mazda did not use 1-piece bumpers like ford did
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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