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hey guys

It’s a sad day today, well at least for me lol. While driving into work after going home for lunch, my 96 escort lx (auto) broke down on the highway. While I was driving it just stopped working and I steered it to the shoulder. I had a tow truck deilvery to my place.

I don’t know why but here’s the symptoms I received earlier today.

-Kind of knocking and squeeking from the passenger side.
The squeeking came from the timing belt and maybe the knocking is from the idler pullery.. not sure

- After the car broke down I saw some smoke coming from the left side of the engine, the timing belt side.

-It had a faint electrical smell.

-After trying to start it, it cranks but wouldn’t start or turn over.

-Battery and all works fine and half tank of gas.

- It’s Déjà vu to when my timing belt first went.

Just to let you guys know I replaced my timing belt a few months back.

Would you guys have any suggestions or advice?



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chrisanthony14 said:
zzyzzx said:
I'm also thinking timing belt, but did you replace the water pump and tensioner when you did the timing belt?
Yea i had the guy do it...even he advised me to do that..
but i'm starting to think he did a crap job...now i dont think he's still in business anymore..
Either that or he said that he changed the water pump and tensioner and he didn't. Or he used rebuilt or made in China parts.

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he might have replaced the water pump with one from the junkyard that was on it's last leg. i have a rebuilt water pump from schucks on my car for the past 5 months and still kickin ass. best 25 bones i spent on a water pump IMO.
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