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A Photo of my new brakes.

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Since the stock brakes on my car are already very good I did not feel the need to upgrade when I replaced them. I did think they could look better though. What do you think?

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Rust? Those are brand new rotors. J/K Thanks WL.

Juggernaught, The signature photo was taken a long time ago. I just did the brakes yesterday.

The paint has served a purpose already. It showed me wich calliper was sticking. (A problem with the car prior to my brakejob that I thought the repair would fix). My dirvers side calliper would clamp down really hard and then not release properly causing it to overheat. I could not tell wich brake was sticking until I saw the paint on the driver´s side rotor. It got baked. It is good to 500 degrees and it got burned up on the outer rim. Easy enough to repaint though.

I am going to replace the calliper and rubber brake lines on Monday. Problem solved.

You all might want to check the condition of the rubber brake lines that run to your callipers. I was surprised at how bad mine were. They are inexpensive. I would like to upgrade to braded brake lines.

During the project I cleaned the back side of my rims. I could not believe the buildup of crud that can form in there. I had to use an SOS pad to get it all off. When it was clean I waxed the inside of the rim.
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Latest photos of the project.

The reason that I replaced the brake lines. I was concerned that the damp surrounding area around the mount might be wet with brake fluid.
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