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How often do you see a job that's done with perfection. Not that often. Well here is a car that's been custom built but in such a way that it can be admired... 1967 Shelby GT 500

The link is below....

If you look at the paint job, they've started with the frame and just the frame. They've probably sanded the whole frame, then electrochemically treated the whole frame, then primed the whole frame a few times and then painted it, then about 6-10 coats of clear coat.

Now that's what I call a paint job. None of this cheap ass shit that you see going around. Like the shit on my car that I paid $6000 all together for. We're talking about a $20,000 paint job. On my car the $6,000 includes fender flares, paint (change color from white to yellow, with green pearl), then repaint after a minor accident (with pearl and three coats of clear coat). My body work, where the metal custom work is, is rusting from the inside already. Why, because they never did it right. They should have treated the metal somehow before putting it on there.

What would the body shop say if you asked them? They may say I drove the car in the winter. The car was built to be driven in the winter. It can be driven for 8 winters and it should not rust. If you treat it right...

Anyhow, this car....


has been built right from the beginning.

the engine is right, the interior is amazing, the dash is perfect.

Everything about the car is perfect. Which makes the price of $150,000US reasonable.

Considering I spent $34,000 on my shitbox which is far from perfect. $150,000 on a car like that is understandable.

So what is my point in all this?

I think spending money on suping up cars is money wasted, although I can't seem to stop doing it; its like an addiction.

I'm going to try to focus on education/career so that I can secure a good income. This will allow me to buy a car that has been built to perfection by an excellent mechanic; if I can find such a mechanic. It's hard to find people that do good work.

What do you guys think of that Shelby? Nice isn't it? :wink:
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