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ok so im making a junkyard run heading to Victory. I was gonna pick up some parts for my 89 LX. Im heading west on grand ave. and the yukon in front of me jams on his brakes. I hit mine and the pedal goes to the floor 8O 8O . SO i pull the emergency/hand brake and my rear wheels are smoking, and i drop it into first. i couldnt avoid the truck and then i rearended him. AS half the people out here dont have insurance, he didnt. He didnt want to call the cops, or press charges against me...(Good Luck). and i find out that my brake line popped (bad luck). Also my car isnt that bad(good luck), headlights brackets cracked, AND my hood and bumper are messed up. No other visible damage, AND as it stands right now, there is an 88 GT for 300 bucks(even more good luck) that dont run, im gonna buy that and part it out for me. Possibly rebuild the motor and drop it in mine, but as for now just use the body parts to fix up my car, and get it painted.

So the i had good and bad luck....aint i lucky
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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