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a little confused..

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I am a little new to this whole car thing. Everyone is talking about gen. 1 & 2 cars, and everything, i just bought my first car today, its a ´99 escort. - an automatic. I mean, i guess im asking, if my car is any good? will it run well? ya know...was it even worth it?
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Welcome fellow Escort owner. In reference to the Gen 1 Gen 2 yadda yadda, that basicly refers to body styles, and major changes to the cars themselves. Gen 1 (First generation) Escorts are the boxy hatchback 80´s style Escorts. Gen 2 are the Less boxy looking, Mazda based Escorts of the early 90´s. And you would be the proud owner of a Gen 3 Escort, or the not at all boxy, looks nothing like the old Escorts body style. As you read through some of the posts you will come to learn a thing or two. So don´t worry about being a novice, we are all here to help out. Just ask a question and it will be answered as you can see.
Hey who ya callin boxy?Just kidding.Still anything behind the doors after 88.5 won´t fit earlier scorts.Don´t know why just is.The body got a shave in 88.5.I bet you have the stock spoiler huh?I´m tellin ya man most people have to look twice to realize my car is a scort.
Escorts are reliable cars, and with good maintanence will last you almost forever. I´m not really familiar with the 3rd gen at all, but I know I raced a guy down in Phx with a ZX2 sport with intake, exhaust, and wires and he out ran me by a couple tenths of a second.

The auto SOHC´s aren´t meant to be very quick...but aren´t bad cars at all.
Sorry Puff, I guess boxy was a bad choice of words. How about Curve-challenged?? What else would you call it?? Anyway, yea I have the stock spoiler, I acctually just re painted it a few minutes ago since it was looking kind of ratty. What spoiler do you have on yours? I was at the junk yard earlier today and saw a 92 5.0 spoiler and stared wondering if it fit or not. I gotta bring a tape measure next time. Anyway Boxy or not, I still think the first gen is the best looking. At least the GTs are.
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