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alright, I am starting to buy performance parts for my 93 egt. first I want to buy intake, I have heard PRM is the best but what else will I have to buy to use that intake? How hard would it be to change it, i do have friends that kinda know what they are doing.

Next question: I am going to buy exhaust after intake and I am probably going to have the piping done by a custom import shop a few mins away, mandrel bent and everything. the question is, are there any mufflers made for the egt because i have heard that universal mufflers can actually make a loss in power because of inaccurate back pressure. Is there any truth in this?

Last question: What should I upgrade first, my exhaust or my headers? Either way I am going to have to wait for a little while to do this upgrade. Also, what is the best type of header for my egt, I don´t care about looks or anything I just want the best performance wise.

Thanks a lot, Nate
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